Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica) are small white or black seeds. These seeds have a long history. Many years ago, these seeds were used as an endurance food by Aztecs and Mayans to increase the energy levels during hunting. Due to the nature of these seeds, they absorb water very easily (9-10 times of their weight), therefore, resulting in prolonged hydration and retention of electrolytes, that’s one of the reasons why endurance runners nowadays use these seeds. In this article we are going to explain the benefits of chia seeds and how these seeds can help you to improve your health and overall quality of life. If you are in a hurry or don’t want to read the whole article, you can easily find the summary of the benefits at the bottom of this page.

Chia Seeds

Black Chia Seeds

Today, many research studies has been done to prove the health benefits of chia seeds. We have learned many new things about these seeds. One of the best things about these seeds is that they are extremely nutritious, containing around 22% of protein, 35% of healthy fats (Omega 3, Omega 6), and around 25% of dietary fiber. Not only that, they also contain plenty of minerals and vitamins – A lot of calcium, potassium, and iron is found in these seeds.
These little seeds help you fight against many diseases and keep the immune system strong by helping the body to absorb fat soluble vitamins.
Many people use these seeds to provide relief from arthritis or diabetes (by absorbing sugar), decrease blood pressure, help with acid reflux, or just improve the general cardiac health.
Chia seeds can also be used by people who would like to lose weight, cleanse their colon, and get rid of the toxins. These seeds can also be used to tone your muscles. Some research shows that it can also improve your mental performance and allow you to have a better rest during the night.
Chia seeds can offer plenty of health benefits, but as with any other supplement, it should be used in normal quantities, some side effects are found if they are used in extremely large quantities (such as, lower the blood pressure too much) Chia seeds are easy to digest (easier than flax seeds) and are gluten and cholesterol free.

They can also be eaten almost with anything as they don’t alter the flavor of the food products, you will find plenty of chia seeds recipes on our website. You don’t have to just eat these seeds, many people prefer to use them as cake and cookie decorations, salad dressings, add them to smoothies, oatmeals etc.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

      • Increases energy levels
      • Increases endurance levels
      • Helps with weight loss
      • Normalises blood sugar levels
      • Cleanses the colon
      • Gets rid of the toxins
      • Prolongs hydration
      • Reduce inflammation
      • Helps tone muscles
      • Helps to lower the blood pressure
      • Improves mental performance
      • Improves night rest and mood
      • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
      • Improves overall health
      • Lowers cholesterol
      • Absorbs extra acid, helping to get rid of acid reflux
      • Helps thyroid conditions
      • Helps IBS
      • Helps celiac disease

The seeds are usually purchased online, giving more choice to the customer. Usually best quality seeds can only be found on the internet. We recommend buying organic chia seeds which can be found either at the bottom of this page, or on the right sidebar.

In fact, these little magical seeds has becoming very popular in recent years, we have found a video from a television program which should provide you with more information about them.


Vitamins and Minerals Found in Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Benefits

9 Responses

  1. Marissa

    I was given some Chia seeds by my neighbor. After reading precautions I am wondering if it is ok to take them. I have low blood pressure and hear that this could be an issue taking them. I checked my BP yesterday after a coffee and it was 102/61. Thanks for any info you can give.

    • Ramona

      I have low blood pressure. Is it ok to take them? Also, how much is a serving size? Do I have to drink a lot of water?
      Thank you..

  2. Don Saliman

    How long before I feel the effects that it is helping my arthritis or not?

  3. jamie rowland

    Yes my mom an i just started taking chia an would like to know if it will help with weight lose an diabeties an how long it should take to notice any results an how much should we intake an how often per day any info will be greatly appreciated !!

  4. Suzanne

    I have been using chia seeds for 7months. I mostly take them for digestive reasons but I have also noticed mental clarity, and reduced swelling in my ankles, also energy. I take 2 tbs everyday. I can tell a big difference when I dont take them. If you have digestive issues I would really recommend them.

    • Estelle

      @ Suzanne
      Thanx for your comment and basically a reply to many of the above questions/concerns – They highly recommend their own product, but I have not seen any replies from the said company….??

      Thank you again, and all the best.

  5. Tracy wren

    I’ve been taking them for a week or so now and they’ve helped with my sleep issues, stomach problems as well as my IBS.. I haven’t even had a flare up

  6. Carolyn

    I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2010. I had my thyroid removed and have been and still am in remission.However I went in for my 6 month check up and my thyroid levels were all up. Could the chia seeds affect the thyroid levels?


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