Where Do Chia Seeds Come From

image for Where Do Chia Seeds Come From articleIt is a common knowledge nowadays that chia seeds come from a certain plant called Salvia Hispanica, which grows in Mexico.

It has been used in the early times and even way back the Aztec and the Mayan cultures where they heavily used chia seeds as like the present time lipovitan, red bull, and other related energy drinks.

In the past decade, the knowledge about the benefits and uses of chia seeds has not been largely known in other countries other than in Mexico.

In fact, not all Mexicans really have full knowledge about it as well.

Not until when chia seeds earned its fame due to its introduction to the internet by well-known experts like Dr. Oz and other celebrities.

Thanks to the internet and the social media, the information about chia seeds spread like wildfire.

Through the internet, chia seed is no longer secluded in the four corners of Mexico but are now being used by lots of individuals from different countries around the world.

Investors Are Keen Enough To Produce Chia Seeds From Mexico To The Whole World

Wise investors that took noticed of the virality of the chia seeds made a fast action in manufacturing organic chia seeds for the market to consume.

They advanced in going to Mexico and made it possible to plant more chia seeds in there so that they can cater the growing market who believe in the benefits of chia products.

No wonder why even when you go to leading retail markets online like the Amazon, you can find different variations of chia seeds from different companies.

I guess it is safe to say that businessmen and investors alike are now leveraging on other places in the world as well where they can possibly plant and grow chia seeds with similar quality as planted and grown in Mexico.

This way, they will meet the demand of the consumers.

Healthy Foods Advocates From Around The World Are Now Adding Chia Seeds To Their Recipes

There are a growing number of healthy food advocates, vegan, and chef that are now adding chia seeds to their meals, snacks, smoothies, and the like.

I am proud to say that I am also one of the healthy food advocates who is now adding chia seeds to my diet and food preparations.

You can check some of my recipes with chia seeds here >> Chia Seeds Health RecipesYou may want to check my stand alone page discussing the benefits of chia seeds here >> Benefits

Obviously, You No Longer Need To Go TO Mexico To Get Chia Seeds

Yes, the beauty is that we can now buy chia seeds even from the comfort of our home. Try to go to Amazon website and you will find lots of chia seeds variations. You may also want to check on our sidebar of this site, for the one that we highly recommended.

If you are from US, I guess you can avail of a 1 day express delivery if you avail of Amazon prime. With that, if you buy now, it will be delivered right at your doorstep tomorrow.

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Where Do Chia Seeds Come From
Article Name
Where Do Chia Seeds Come From
It is a common knowledge nowadays that chia seeds come from a certain plant called Salvia Hispanica, which grows in Mexico.